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A mind needs a book like a sword needs a whetstone.

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HyperDbg is a kernel debugger that leverages hardware-assisted virtualization. More precisely, HyperDbg is based on a minimalistic hypervisor that is installed while the system runs. Compared to traditional kernel debuggers (e.g., WinDbg, SoftIce, Rasta R0 Debugger) HyperDbg is completely transparent to the kernel and can be used to debug kernel code without the need of serial (or USB) cables.

HyperDbg can be found here.


CopperDroid is an analysis framework to automatically perform out-of-the-box dynamic behavioral analysis of Android malware. CopperDroid uses a unified analysis to characterize low-level OS-specific (e.g., writing to a file) and high-level Android-specific behaviors (e.g., sending an SMS, placing a phone call). In addition, CopperDroid features a stimulation technique to improve code coverage, aimed at triggerring additional behaviors of interest.

CopperDroid can be found here.


I collaborate with the open source project FuzzTrace, a "general-purpose" tracing tool for closed-source applications, aimed at generating a concise execution trace that can be used to support the fuzz-testing activity or other analyses.

Fuzztrace can be found here.


ud2 is a github organization where @rpaleari and I will release our future security-related projects, our tools, and advisories for vulnerability we identify.

ud2 can be found here.