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Aristide Fattori

A mind needs a book like a sword needs a whetstone.

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Advisories and PoCs

Date Title Id
11/04/2016 Modem interface exposed via USB CVE-2016-4030/31/32
24/02/2016 URL filtering bypass in Samsung module ‘secfilter’ CVE-2016-2567
02/02/2016 Exposed provider and SQLi in SecEmailSync CVE-2016-2565/66
20/01/2016 URL filtering in kernel land: what could possibly go wrong? CVE-2016-2036
11/01/2016 Multiple vulnerabilities in Samsung SRN cameras CVE-2015-8279/80/81
10/11/2015 Remote Code Execution on DLink Cameras n/a
06/11/2015 Remote arbitrary file read on Huawei CPEs CVE-2015-7254
02/11/2015 ZipFury: Yet Another Zip Arbitrary File Write as System CVE-2015-8780
30/09/2015 Huawei password schemes: Episode 3 CVE-2015-8085/6
13/08/2015 Security issue in CVE-2015-5763
13/08/2015 Kernel memory leak in IOBluetoothFamily CVE-2015-3780
30/06/2015 Type confusion in XPC service systemstatsd CVE-2015-3718
30/06/2015 Multiple NULL pointer dereferences in IOFireWireFamily CVE-2015-3707
30/06/2015 Multiple vulnerabilities in AppleMCCS CVE-2015-3691
30/06/2015 LPE Issue in IOBluetoothHCIUserClient CVE-2015-3683
12/01/2015 Multiple security issues in OS X Bluetooth driver CVE-2014-8837
30/10/2014 Mac OS X local privilege escalation (IOBluetoothFamily) n/a
24/03/2014 Remote code execution on Praim thin client devices n/a
22/10/2013 Bluetooth USB Host Controller Unspecified Local DoS CVE-2013-5166
22/10/2013 USB Hub Controller Malformed Request Handling Local DoS CVE-2013-5192
11/05/2011 Linux Kernel 2.6.38 Remote NULL Pointer Dereference CVE-2011-1927